Issue 9: Is This the End?


Featuring pieces by writers, poets, activists and artists like Jade Begay and Suzanne Dhaliwal, who share a guide on how we deal with transitions and endings through ritual and slowness. We have stories of unrequited love, odes to the end of friendship, reflections on what it means to end one stage of your life and move through to the next. We talk to climate activist and lawyer Farhana Yamin about moving through grief and healing, from false hope to loving rage. And we hear from musician Shabaka Hutchings who reflects on the blurred lines between our world and the next, between the end of our life on earth and the beginning of a life in the ancestral realm.

Join us in the doomsday bunker as we figure out how to write our own endings, how to say goodbye to what’s gone, and when it’s all over, how to start again.