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In this landmark 10th issue of Skin Deep’s print magazine, we explore the radical potential of play as a tool for reimagining, a tactic for resisting, and a necessary release that enables us to keep up the relentless work of building new worlds.

Edited by Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff and June Bellebono alongside the Skin Deep team, PLAY features contributions from: Otamere Guobadia, Lakeisha Goedluck, Ciaran Thapar, Risa Puno, Dominic Cadogan, Amuna Wagner, Amy Li Baksh, Simran Uppal, Kieran Yates, Zena Agha, Sonji Shah, Amahra Spence, Nkenna A Ibeakanma, Ruchira Sharma, Maysa P, Hadiru Mahdi, Jonas Fine Tan, Malaika Francique, Harshad Marathe, Wendy Wong, Julie Lai, Hwa Young Jung, Shweta Sharma, Sasha Kelley and Elliott Jerome Brown Jr.

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