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We are now closed for pitches for our 10th annual print issue, on the theme of PLAY.

Skin Deep is an organisation that makes space for Black creatives and creatives of colour to work towards justice. In our annual print magazine, we publish journalistic features, interviews, essays, conversations, poetry, art and other creative responses.

We’re looking for joyful and unusual pitches and submissions from all over the world which interrogate the concept of play through the lens of liberation and justice. We’re particularly interested in themes such as abolition, sex, environmental justice, childhood, youth work, accessibility, competition, trans joy, migration, music and mental health.

For example, do you know of a brilliant games company doing radical work in the sector that you could interview? Have you had an emotive experience with regard to play that you could discuss in a personal essay or piece of creative writing? Do you want to interrogate how play can be incorporated into movement building in a long-form journalistic feature?

We want play to be part of the process: if you have any imaginative ideas or submissions in unusual formats, please send them our way. We are always keen to publish work from voices outside the UK and US contexts. Our audience and network of creatives are global — so we’d love to hear stories from all over the world.


We are now closed for pitches.


We believe the best pitches are unique, written in uncomplicated language, and give a strong sense of why we should care about a topic at this moment. We’re open to pitches from all types of writers and creators, regardless of your experience. Have a look at what we publish to get a sense of our style, interests and values. We are a space for cultural production in the name of racial justice and we’re always interested in work that explores the relationship between creativity and activism.


If we can facilitate a different form of pitching (virtual or otherwise), you have suggestions as to how we might change our current process, or if you have any other questions or feedback on our pitching process, please email 


Our commissioning fees for print this year will range roughly between £200-£400. The precise fee we offer on that scale will be based on the amount of work we estimate will be involved in delivering the piece.

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