Whilst putting together our latest print issue we had conversations with poets, writers, artists, activists, cooks and farmers. One of those glorious poets was our friend Selina Nwulu, former Young Poet Laureate for London. We caught up with her about her latest project – an electric new series of poems interrogating our complex relationship with food. She talks to us about climate justice, the legacies of colonialism, building cross continental solidarity movements, and how we can make good eating accessible to everyone, asking questions like who gets to eat what and why? How does the food most readily on offer fail us? What happens when we begin to think about our food beyond the plate – where it’s grown, and at what cost to whose ecosystem?

Join Selina on the 15th of March at Free Word for her event ‘Who’s Full?’ A jam-packed evening of spoken word performances, sonic sensations and something for the taste buds, exploring the science behind the global food system and what it means to ‘eat well’.