When filmmaker Maysoon Pachachi flew to her native Iraq in 2004, a year after the US-led invasion, she and her colleague Kasim Abid set out with the ambitious aim to open a free film-training centre, the Independent Film & Television College in Baghdad. The two ran the centre for ten years, during which they provided aspiring filmmakers with the skills needed to produce feature-length documentaries.

With her latest work-in-progress, the fiction film Another Day in Baghdad, or Kulshi Mako in Iraqi Arabic, Maysoon aims to carry on her lifelong commitment to a country devastated by wars, sanctions and a series of atrocious political leaders, in what is the first-ever international film production led by a female director of Iraqi origin.

We met Maysoon Pachachi to talk about her film, how she is hoping to fund it, and what opportunities exist for young creatives in a country facing hardship.

You can support the production of Another Day in Baghdad by contributing to the crowdfunding campaign here, or by contacting the filmmaker directly via the film’s official website.